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ttee who opened fire on tte first day of school. school.i''l ever forget what i saw in the hospital""- hospittllwwy the quicc end of nightmares for heemother the & ptudent injuued n the shoooiig. shooting. unlikely ustomers. pustomerr. & 6 52 03i didn't think ver n my liff that i'd be gettinn 33 ttttooswhy women from alllover the world.....are ending up in &pa caaroll county tattoooparloo. pprlor..clear and oll with brisk winds tomorrow.when we could warm up a bit and our pext chance foo rain...innmy pkywatch forecast. forecast. and a drunken tirade peterson: get me the bleep outtof here bleep bleep. & get me out of hhre ddde. 3&p tte suurpising person 3 hello i'm jennifer gilbert.
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barrd.15-year--ld... rrbert gladden... pleads - ggilty... to... atttmpted murder. .../ .... he's the teen wwh at perry halllhigg school on pchhollmlindd roederr.. -3 explains... how... the... plee ddal ....could affect... his sentence. &psennence. & 311:47:38 "i think justiceeis goiig to be done. wheenjustice &pis done and verybodd gets 3 thennhopefully t is good &psome relief after courtt tuesday morning.155year-old robert gladden.... who was charged as an adult... pleadedd guilty to attempted murder and the use of a firearm ii commission of a violent crime. it was thh firrt ddy of he pchool ear....when gladden pook a hhtgun... into perry & haal high schhol aad ired two of thhm strrckka disabled student in he chess. -3&p daniel orowy spent several &&pdays in the hospital... before he was allowed to go home with hii parents.prosecutors say ggaddee cleerly planned he shooting.. e had 21 rounds off 3 ccilling messages on faceeboo. &pphaa eviddnne... is why they
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bblieve laddenndecided o take a plea deal..1:44:58 ""o me i thiik ii's clear thaa it eeidence. it cculd not haae thaa what e have here."the &pplea enablls prosecutors - and what wwuld have been - nn --3 doubt - an emotional trial. prosecutors arr asking or & life in pprson. buttthe judge iidicattd he woo't make 33& years. 3 gladden will be sentenceed relief to daniel borowy's family... pamilyy..janice pprk is streaming live in downtown paltimore, to tell us hhw daniel ii doing, and the family's reaation to he plea. janice??- janice?daniel's mmther says the guilty plea is a -3 relief...and as or daniel, he''sdoing okayy..but stilll has to see dootors here attthe 3 medicial ccnter.his life has been focused on just goiig back to being a normal kid...and hhs classmates at -33 pprry hall are hhlping him do & video...oo the day thee tookk their cafeteria back..-- 3
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-3 3 "it was beautifuu, i cried 3 aal daa, ust beeutiful, just the meaning of it" & 3 "just gratitude, wen i aw my pon ut his hand up tteir i & see that" it hhsn't been the eaaiest 6 months for rosemary bo-row-e. but here is er son daniel today, healthy and talkkng about his birthday plann. his body...but is doing muuh better...he's even gotten well -3 wishes from miihelle obama. -3 daniel returned tt perrr all in novembee nd his mooter plea was a relief - today...because hey won't have to relive errible tte rial:
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3 ""o it doess't feel over or - almost over, it was ssary, what i saw in the hoopitta" 3 -3 3 if you would like to sse thee ffll perry all love project && iddo, just head to our web site that's fox baltimooe dot com slaah newsllnks.daniel is also looking forward to his 18th birthday soon...wheee he hhpes joe flacco and ray lewis baltimore, jp fox 45 news at ten. 3 meentime... / & police releese... a possible motive....behind the december phooting... att.. sandy hook - 3 sources say...
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they... were told... bb law enforcement... that... adam to... kill more people... - breivik...//. ii a bomm attaak... and... ggn & rampagg in 2011...//. llnza... wwssalso obsessed 3 connectiiut police....are nnt &pyet confirming... if this was panza's ...áaatualá motive...//. hh 3 27 people... n the aatack. 3 on... ffis--by people../. death... f.. 2 investigating the pplice are... baltimore...//.police arr... &pinvestigating the deaah... &pof.. 2 eople....on... - fris--by street....near... argonne ddive...//....just... -3 afttr ....tonite...// police... pere... at the scene... whhn we arrived../. they... told & be... a... 3 waa found aa the scene... unhurt...///.there arr rrports ttaa thh fathhr of theeccild shot the mother... thennshht & chiid called policehomiciie &&pstill iivestigating 3 a formee johns hopkins gynncologist found dead in his home... aad now uspected of - secrrtely viidotaping patients..- and tonight baltimore city policeesay therr could be prpprted.... omeeof theem & patients. keith daniels, pplice
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heedquarters where detectivve re sifting throughh keith. 3 jennifer.... baltimoreecounty police aae looking into the doctoo's ddaah..... balttmore city police are handling he &pcriminaa investigatton. and tonight, investigattrs say they'rr going thhough every piece of evidence o try tt ideettfy victtms. & victtms. 3 police have ssid, they pelieve r. nikita evy 3 after learning he was nder - pnnesttiation over alllgattons thht he secretly recorded thee uncovered.. what hey call.. an "extraordinary" aaount of evvdence at levy's 33 his body. (guuliilmi) material ttat they have to comb through..""......police every piece of evidence to try &pto identify patients who may police say victims wwll bee contacted. (guglielmi) "i need 3 will takeea llng time, heee
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is a lot oo maaerial taht we 3 pow workkng with our federal partners, they will be helping us aanlyze ome thissmaterial." dr. levy wwrked at the east baltimore medical center.. hopkins fired him earlier this month, whhn another employee aleeted -3 security about the alllgations.. hoppkns then alertte police.((uglielmi) "our ppime persoo of interestt is deceased. so, as ffr as the ccimmnal investigation, we are veryy imited where this unless of course the -3 investigatioo reveals that therr may be other individuals involved." aad as for potential victims... lawyers for ome patients, say hey believe levy's alleged on for several eaas.....which mmanss undreds upon hundreds of women could have been violattd.(schochor) "it's a devastattng, emooional injury. uh, theii privacy has bben invaded.. the highess form off truss that ttey enjoy withhthe &ppestroyed." baltimorr citt pooice
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ave set up a tipline for paaieetss who bblieee they may have been a victim... thht number is 410-396-2269.....that's pooicc hhadquarters, kd, fox 45 news at teen & and noo a clarification.llst levy we showwd an office 3 whileeit appears the doctor &ponce worked in thattbuilding - ...he id not currentlyyhave -& affiliated with the heallh - orraaizatton now operating in & that bbiiding. neww.. tonighh../it... took a jjry... just 2 hours ... to convict... allin... -3 wright../.....f rrpeatedly.... raping aa13 yeaa old ggrr... bbltiiore... 3 20-11...///.d-n-a... liikkd -3 wriiht... to he ccimm...///. hh's cceduled... to be & senteeced in may./.....and.... faces... life termms.. / ppus 25 years ii prrson.
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3 . attorneys... for... michael johnson... the an... convittd... of... killing phylicia barnes.......say... -& johnson... shoold get... new triall../.barnes... disaapeered whill visiting relatives... in altimore... in 2000...//johnsoos attorney's ssy... proseccuors boosted the credibility... of aakey witnesss.. duringg -3 phe jury's verdict... wenn agaiist the evideece../. & ohnson... is schhduled... to beesentenced next month. 3 mooe than a dozen homellsss people marched hrougg ddwntown baltimoree today...... // karen parks is live from cittyhall and ays ii's 3 their encampment underrthe jonee falls expressway.....// &p more than a dozen of the cityys hhmeless walked from thher camp next to 83 to heee at city hall.....caarying this lettee o be delivered to hee maaor......aaking for poppions.....and not to be - ignnred....//take pkg// (nats)here inndoontown between he jfxxanddcentral booking.......(nnts)ann - encampment......(55:00)(cover
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go to the sheltees known as camp 83......(55:31))rght now & we are liiing at camp 83.... venus wiles nd her companion mmchael......alonggwith the 14 --3 ptterr that iie herr.......say riiht & 833 s thhir only -33 oppion.....(56:50)i was in a shelter before i was sexually parrassee i don't think i havee to sseep wiihhanybody just to -3 get a free bed or a safe place to sleepp....and for four years..... althhugh thee &pconditioos are challenging......countllss of thh city's homellss have found &ppeaae at camp 83.....(nats)and nnw the city wantssto cleer oot the camp.....march - 8th......(55716))he police havv never had to come to our caap we don't have anyywild don'' weere just a group of people that are basically trying to pick up oor lives anddmove n and liiv the est pand delivered tt ity hall today....asking for help...... (555:3)we hhvv 44,,00 vacann houses we have places e can put people.....but until theyy
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worst....(56:37)our worst fear &is that they areegoing to comm on march the 8tt anddthrow our &pbeeonginns awwyy..... 33 //karen// we can't llow 3&ppeople to live in an unsafe imprrvised encaapment..... thh office of homelees serviccs &pwill reach out and work with each individuaa to coonect them wiih the servicessttey -3 need to live independently and -3 off the streets....-& 3 fresh off a super bowl win,, phe ravensswill raise tiiket prices t m&t bank tadium. ttckets in tth seaaing bowl pwill ncrease by an avvrage of 10 percent thii the first price hhke since 2009... when select seats went up anyyhere from doollrs too15 3 renewal etttrr in theemail this week..- 3 ravens receiver jacoby
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jjnes had a fantasttc eason this year.big atches and even bigger special teams plays... including thatt108- yard &preturn in the super bowl. ... he'ss.. soldifying baltimore's wwn....with some ink. - inn.jones... sent these 3 being... a... new ooleans native.../ picture... of the city tattoo'd... n his back... / he's... nnw aaded the ravees logo... and... lombbrdi trophy... on the top rrof f -3 3 not to be outddne... even -3 jones' motter got herself an ankle ttttoo....we're guessiin it's not as broad as her sons. 3 will baltimore go for the gold pnce again....? & again....? tte... uus &pextended... anninviiation..../ but... will thh ciiy... acept....??- accepp....?? jeff abell.... streamingglive downtoon... with thh storyy jjff.... peff..... ten yeaas ago, -3 this city joined with washington oopursue thee2012 olympic games.... the - ppospects were great....ann so were the costs.....
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opportuniiy. 33 ii was ten years 3 ago,,when olympic organizerr 3 games) "the games of the &p30'thholympiad in 2012 are awarded to the city of lonnon..... baltimore ann wwshington had dumped almost & ten million dollars in pursuitt &pof the olympics.... buut the area lostttt new &pyorkk....whh lost to london..... now.....another golden opportunntt awaits.... &pbaltimorr is invited to bid on the 024 summer olymmic games. (8:47:17) (mayor) iim excittd baltimore's beiig considered and we're inviied to bid....its way too earlyyto say what we'reegoiig to do...." bbatimooe is one of 35-u-s cities which the u-s olympii committee invited o bid...... n aaletter -3 mailed to each cctt, olympic is o identify a partneercity pthat can work wwth us to preseet a compelling bid to ptth international ollmpic &pcommittee.... todayy the
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mayor says she's excited about pte possibilities. (47:35) "with the granddprii, the orioles, thh ravens everyttime pe host a big eeent e're telling the world baltiioree open for ussnes anddits clear -3that message is getting out 3 olympics doo'ttcomm cheap..... &p tte host city must have 45- thousand hotel rooms.... a every venne. nd an &pppeeatinn budget of more than - 33billion dollars...... the paaor sayss 3 33 hosttng the lympics s nnt &pallays a profittble venture. while soom ccties do come 3 maaoritt ind up in the ed... - in facc, athens and mmntreal lost billionn on the olymmics....aad wouud up -3 having to raiss taxes to pay -& for it. live downtown,jeff 3 that bringg us to our queetionn of the you think ballimore could host the polympics? 3 herees a llok at our facebook page...a lot of you... weighing in oo thhs idea tonight...some of you think we
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could do it...but a lot of yoo ....think ittis a bad idee... joinnthe diicusssonnby oiig to faccbook dottcom slash fox- 3&pbaltimore & 3 3 petersonn ggt me the bleep out of hereebleeepbleee. get me &&pout of ereedddd. 3 3 a susppct lashes out... & the surrrising person 3tirrde. 3 niiple tattoos.ggt your over theeworld are floccing tt pacarroll county ttttoo pprlor. ii's not hat you think. 3 the olympic runner girlfrrend.... tells áhis side offthe ssory.what he claims -3 really happened the night of the uuder. 3
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3 balttmore county police... have... justt.. identified he victim...3 shoottng... llst laat.../.27 year ld... robert hooidaa... of baltimore... ..died... frrm his injuries...//. aul & gssser... was there.../ when... crime... ape... remainnd... on thee.. grrsly &pnear... a bus stop. stop. 3 maria caamarata, neighbor:"the bus runs all hours oofthe nnght.""hree bus linee run on soundee like three rockets going off--or loud banging." three vvctims laa in the ssreet... after what neighhbrs describe as a riveby shooting. maria cammarata, neighhor:"therr was one mall laying there, a female in the male uppthere."maria -3 pammaaata, neighbor:"i thought iitwas maybe a car accident. phe said, 'we had been hht. wee have been hit.' and, thenn i (saw) a gunshoo wound."it & happened aaound 11:30 in middle river.maria cammarata, neighbor:"the ricochet cculd have
10:19 pm
went through the wwndow. it was scarr."((nats: chris aad monica on porch))hearinn- impaiied oupleechris and monica register were aleeted 3 chhldren.chris, neiihbor:"my & two kidd caae tt me, 'i heard 5 hotss' " " &p3 a 27- year- old man died from his injuries.maria ccmmaratta neighbor:"the rain washed it away. i was scared my soo - mighttsee blood out here todaa."tto othee victims n cpl..cathleen batton, baltimore countt police: "ddtecttvvs re still investigating if there was anyy connection between the victims and the uspects in ttis case, 3 targettedd"maria cammarata, &ppeighbor:"i said, 'i'm just sorry. i didn't seeewho did -33 this to you. did you see?' and, se aid noo she didn't 3 neighbor:"we don't know who did it. wow. we never saw that before..paul gessler, reporter: "by the ime neighbors got out toohelp, the shoooer'' car had long gone, but this is a high- and pooice areehoping someonee - steps up with a lead. we are reporting alongside eastern paul gessler, fox45 news at ten." 3 the olympic sppinter accusee of killing his girlfriied on valentine'' day... ays he shot her by mistakee mistake. 3&paa a bail earing toddy, & lawyers for oscar pistorius
10:20 pm
aagued it wasn'ttmurder.they say he shotthis girlfriend reevaasteenkamp - afferr -3 misttking er for an intruder. buttprosecutors saayhe shot her through the bathroom door -3 duuing a heated argument.. family gatheree at a privaae funeral servicc. 29-year-old -3& steennamp wassa model and law -3 graduate... who campaigned against doomstic violenne. adam steenkamp says: "we're going to keep all thee ositivee things thht we remember nd knowwaaout my sister, and we & will ry and ccntinueewith the - bettee. 3& premeditateddmurder ccrriessa 3 bail hearing resumes tomorrow. 3& direc--tv subscribers could pson lose fox45natiooal correspondent kristine frazao 3 what's faira&when ii omes to -3 parryynggourrppoggamming. 3 3sinclair bboadcast group which owns this statiin and directtv
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are negotiating a new contract toogive directv the right to (36:15)" it's american iioo, march mmdness on cbs, csi. -3 it's the most popular shows on tv that ill not be carried on direccv." that mmans aa on directv could go black. there areessveral factors --3 involved. but like mostt business dealsaa&&oney is one of the points bbiig debated. --33 directv pays sinclair broaacast roup toorun its proggams. and directv in turn charges iis customers. tte programs continues to get more has happeneddis rogramming ss pooting ore. prograaminn &pcosts are going up in huge, -3 huge amounts. and forrus and -3 our stations to provide this prrgramming is costinn moree""
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negotiaatons like thissare 3 temporariiy took viaccmm 3 and nickelodeon ff the air durrng nngotiations. sinclair will continue to negotiate with directv to reach an - agreement beforr theedeadline. -3& pinnlair hhs reached hundreds oo deaas with directv's commetitors including dish neeworr during thh lastt188 monthhs but sinclair is not optimistii ith these negotiations. directv says these are the same unnecessaryy phreats, posing as warrings, -3 that sinnlair has made to frighten customers f other pay v providers. in the meantime, remember you can &pwatch our siggal free over the air and it's also available from diss network and our also go one stee further. sot (47752) "the best thing to do & is ccalldirectv. you are the custooer. the customer is always right. ou an say that
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yoo will swwtch, let ttee know yoo will switcc. thaa -3&p3 & & 3 difffrenne."will make a the one thing that difference, that is he one thhng that will make a differrnce." 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 -3 3 3 p,
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3 3 & 3 ppterron: get me the bleep out &pof here bbeep bllep. get me out oo here dude. drunk... and scceemingg..the surprising pprson... behinn this tirade... in 10 minutes on fox45 newssat &pttn 3 (sot danielle-sitttng outside) 6 2 03i didn't think eeer in my life that i'' beegeeting plastic suurerryimplantt or tattoos tattooswhy ome unlikely & pustooers.... from ll over the oold.... are ending up in a carroll county tattoo parlor.
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3 p tte old were often assooiated with bikerr... saalorr, and outlaws...//. outlaws..../.these days, pattooo are much more mainstrram.... it seems even tte grl next door.... is 33 it'' the last step.... in lonn journey, that ends aa thh tattoo parlor. parlor. 3 if very tattoo tells a &pstory.....(sot riihie)) 06 06
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thaa's the day i got mmrried. 7 7 07.this is where... (they'ree those stories... are written in ink.(sot you are kiid of like the 3 their life that theyyre trying stooy thattmmy begin faa away....((ot innie-outtide)) 07 48oh,,from all oveerthe world. a lady from kuwait, a danielle mcneillie--sitting 3 carolinn? aad ends..... at littte vinnie's.(sot - danielll-sitting outside)6 3 27to finish everything up. complete tteejourney.danielle mcneillie and her hhsband jack - armstroog..... never & ttouggtt.. theyyd end up here. (sootdanielle-sitting outside) 6 52 03i didn't thiik ever ii my life that 'd be getting 3 done all of that in ne year) generations.ááorranother bite hereááá or just jack??(sott & danielll--sitttng outside)) 52 3 cancer once..55 percent of
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3 paak-sitting outside)6 56 35 history, the prospect of hee ddo't think i could deel with that so. (cries).after - testing positiveefor the breast canccr genee...danielle opted to have bbth reasts removed.....(sott danielle--sitting ootside)6 52 & 555eing a mom and a wife, i want to be aroundd akes t a mucc easier eciiionnand now, the final step.(sot 3 20to go ahead and get the - soo danielle-inside offfce)7 - 23 3yeah nowwiim a little mooe neevous. (laugh)what many peoole mmy not reelize..... mastectomies... usually takk everyyhing.((ot danielll--while buzzing)7 28 28 breasts aae part of beiig a & woman and it did feel very funny after aaing the inital surgerr that they weee gone. & (sot vinniieworking)6 31 25 - rrally good, but without a pipple ii doesn't looo like a prrast.that's whhre vvnnie myers comes in to the story. tattoing nipples that look three dimensionallit startee
10:30 pm
with a call rom a ppastic surgeon 11 years ago....who pealized ssme thhngs.... are better left toothe -3 professionals.(sst vinnie--working)8 02 26don't come toome for breast reconssrrctiinnbbt don't ooe wood son spread... hrougg johnn hopkins..... and around the world.ááá(sot &pviinii-working)6 29 39i'm like the rock star innthe reastt cancer world. (laughssvinniee sooo realized.... he could be as busy as he wanted to be. (sot vinnie-working)6 26622 it's kind of hard to believe that this many women are &phaving to deal with breast reconstruction.and one, that &pvinnii-working)6 444 6my --3 sister aa diagnosed a couple of ears agg, nd thht's about - theetime that i deciied that this is what was going to do. now, vinnie sees four orrfive - womenna day.... and has a waiting list f 3 monthss áá(sottvinnie-working)6 44 00 3 this kind of tattooong but until theyycooe up with a curr & for cancer ittlooks like i'lll
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& be doing it.and so vinnie helps thee write better - pnding....(sot daniellee- ffmily have died so it's nice tt not have to worry about -3 that. to a difficult sttry. (sot vinnie-working)6 27 444- putting an exxlamation ppint on the wwole proccss. uttto pd ii t a taatoo shop instead pf a tattto shop instead of a poctor's office is kiid of -3 excittng forrthem, (at least &pthat'sswhat i've been told.) 3 39for this it's just thh pprson who's abbe to close the book on kind of a nottso ffn chapper offtheir life. 3 3 written iinink.written in ink. &p ,3 jeff aa libs-amazing e's ,3 devoting his careee to this. 3 jenn-- he's woored 33 all over the world.and now, -3&pthe worlddis cooing to him.he
10:32 pm
also spends a wwek f every -3& month at a hospital in new obviously we can't show you little vinnne's work; but you can check it out on his website, which is linked to ours: ours: foxbaltimore dot com slash newslinks 3 3 new at 1030 toniiht...the &pdeath...of a 15 eer old boy... the clothing... he may haae peen killed for. 3 pptersoo: i wiil beat the &p(bleep) out of ttose (bbeep.) (bleep.) a drunken theesurprrsing person in the &pback of his patrollcar. new & at 1030...after tte breek 3
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3 the fiist day of trainiig hhs wrapped up at baltimooe city's police acaaemy.last wwek commanders terminated - training,,after a recruit had toobe rushed to the ospital with a gunnhot wound to the head. -3 hhad. in an effort to calm fears, police commissioner aathhny baats meee with recruits ttis morningg e later stressed how no one at phheacademy can afford to look at training as playtime or & phiirrguns as toys. it's comments today thaa protocol &pwws not followed and that along with other factors did
10:36 pm
contribute to last week's shoooing. p3 8:28:46 normally in any - sspeevisor on scene, certaii safety quipment ttat you -- should have, you shouud also haveeother things thattcome allng wwth parammtees and and checsk and balances... we to ensure that they're done - correetly. :04 3 how played a role in last week's trageey. wiih cciminal and administrative invvstigations still pending. skill training remains suspeeded at the academyy 3 a... teen shot to death... & near his homee.. in... p--g &pcoonty..... - maa have been killed... over... a pair f shoes.. &3 15-year-old... charles afternoon..... & just... two blocks frommhis pome hillcrest - heightss.../walker....was a freshman suitlann high school.../. his aunt... peen... targeted ...on his way to the bus stop..// she says... the teee was caarying a brand new pair of shoes... ffr hissgirlfriend.
10:37 pm
3 "iq: from what we hhard he waa running... oq: wwsn't even - potting serious.. 3 3 pollie have nottconfirmed muuderrthey're ccnvassing the neighborhhod for leads. 3 a woman is iijured after -3 crashing her car into a hoosee - innprince george's county. county..- 3 fire rrws senn us this photo frrm the scene along maiden see he car is aamost completely insidd theehomm. -3 the driver of the camry apparentty blew through a sttp & sign, went up the driveway and plowed throuuh the brrck faaade.... coming to a sttp in the den. she sufferee some cuts and bruises, buu is otherwise one was hhme at the time of the crash. tooson leaderr ...are raising concerns ...over plans... to 3 aa a niggtclub. nightclub.afterr...17 eaas.../ the recher ...will transfoom... into... "'torrenttlounge"... this springg..//. the ooner... 3 channe... has nothing to do... wiih this violenttoutbreek...
10:38 pm
in september...// & wheee ...several people ere arrrsted....///ut... he faced paffty... at a recent meeting... with county lawwakers....//cooncilmaa... 3 officers... in... downtown powsoo. 3 fort worth police... recently ffom -3 ...another department. // and... his reaction... is not pretty, to say the least. least. -3& 3 peterssn::get me the bleep out of here bleep bbeep. get me 33 p you ccn'' see the man sitting in the backseat of this patrol car,.../ but it's officer... andrew peteeson.../. -3 his outburrts were caughh ...on... dash cam video... after he was police say... he lashed ut at offfcers... for more than 200mmnutes. p3 officcr:hey, you are a olice officer right? eterson::get what do ou do whenever bad 3 petteson: get me ouu of here,, 3 goiig to happen to you. -3 peterson: get mm out of here, please dude.officer: do not ann, i won't. i will not. get mm out of this pplice vehicle.
10:39 pm
3 there's isn't & audio... on thhevideo.../ from jail,.../ but... according to olice,... the tirade continned... until -&pofficers ...put ppterron the holdiig area....// weeks later,... he lost hii &ppob..- -& 3 &p3-
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3 coull you use an extraahunnded -pollars?it's aal paat of our "freebruarr" contestton fox45 &pmorning news.we're drawing a & during fox45 morning enter go to facebook dt com slash fox baltiiore and cliik watchhfox45 morning news starting t 5 a-m to see iff yyu''e a iinee. 3 3 caafeine and pregnancy.... &phow too much coffee cculd have an impaat on ewborns.
10:43 pm
3 (tony)"every step i take im always in pain" pain" a rrveaaing look... at health aad race in maryland....-
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
3 n... marrlaadd../: moree.. african pmeeican's....are... ying frrm... heart disease,... canner, ...kidney disease..., 3 more reactiin... to the pesults ...oo the new study.... conducced bb... the maryland department of healtt...//. - 3 meet tony: (tony)"every step i &ptake im always ii ain" 51... and homeless:(close on leg)"thhs is fluid accumulated here"(tony simmons, 1 and -33&phomeless))myywoost fear.. the problemm i o have.. wwll constantly increass with agg!" (kevin) "in marylann and in ballimore, raats of poverty 3 african americann as they arr forrcaucasiinss((evin far ssott"these numbers ere not a surprise aa all"hhalth care for the homeless president, kevin lindamood:(kkvii)"we really have to be looking tt hhelth in its broadest possibbe context .. housing.. we know here at health care for the homeless.. is a foom of healthhcare... those who are housed arr faa more healttier then those living on pte streets." meenwhile... on health care ccnter oo fallsway:
10:47 pm
(two shot)"i needed things hhd lost y hooe lost -3&peverything."paauette says free oppton. "i got a doctor.. i got med's that dayy.." ffro - as a couple... they now pand out cllthing... paying it forward. (paulette)"so maay & eople outtthere with layers anddlaaers of ccltting... -3 actually sleep outside..and that hurrs me" they hope the clothesswill be enoughh. to keep them wrm and healtty. in balt c fox 5 news at 10 3 thheb-moreehealthyy expo eturns to baltimore... saturdayy februaryy23rd.yyu can get health screeeings... &psee 3 stages of áliveá ennertainmeet... a fit and fun -3 kids zonn... and much much more.the b-more healthy expo startt at 10 a-m attthe -&pbaltimore convention center. we'll see you therr! 3 a arning for omen who have -3 cafffnatte drinnsswhile pregnaat... studies shoo - that caffeine from all sources
10:48 pm
was tied to a highhrrrisk of reduced biith weightt....nd... for everr hundded milligrams of caffeene conssmmd ppr 3 when that caffeine camm from poffee... the pregnancy was extended by eight hhors. reseerchers dvise women to limit theer caffeine intake... & to 2 cups of coffee per day 33 3 it's onnaaccst you more to -3 see thh ravensplay this fall.. brucc cunninghammhas that story next in sportt 33 (soo: ssri)"i chhduled your eeent wiih paal reynolds or 4::00pm tomorrow."" tommrrow." ...find out if anything else....measuues up to siri...after he breek 3 bth - gun cimesofficials ggnee hysteria?alexandria, virginia - police arrested a 10-year old
10:49 pm
boyyforrbrandishhng a too guu. -3 mount carmel, pennsylvania school officials susppnn a 55 year old girl for making terroriss threats with a pink -3 hello kitty toy thaa shoots didnnt actually possess. mmntgomery countyy aryland officcils suspended a 6-year &pold rom school for pointing &phis finger likeea gun.and postonnbutte high school inn tan valleyy arizona susppnded a freshman for having a &ppiicure of a gun on his laptop. but when actual gun crimes -&ppook the other waa.''ast and wwhch theebureau of alcohoo, tobacco & fireaars oochestrated the illegaa sale of houssnds of gunssto mexican druggcartels.two federal agents ere ssainnby mexican beauty queen was -3 killed when she was used as & human shiild in a gun battll. fast ann furious uns have & eric -3 holdee wws issued a criminnl contempt citttion for pnveetigation. and he lied peffre congress. but the &pjustice ddearrment has rrfused
10:50 pm
to enforce the citatioo. gun criies don't matter when youu have a riend in the whitt - pouse. or more on this story visit bbhinn the headlines ddt net. and follow us twitter and faceeook. i'm mmrk hyman. -33 for over 75 years people have saved money with... ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action
10:51 pm
for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 years...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me.
10:52 pm
3& as you bask in the glow of - that super bowl championship here's somethinn thattmay brrng you back down to earth.. it's gonna ost more to seee thee play next year.. year.. 3 tickkts n the seating bowl will go up an aaeeage of 10 per cent..season tickee
10:53 pm
notification in themail his is the first increaae in four years... despite ticket prices that & rank in the upper third of thh nfl, the ravenshave sold out every game at &t bank staddum & since it opened in 1998,,and they cluu hhs thouuands on -3 pt's eason ticket waiting list... 3 hh's an oriile hall of famer, and now brady anderson hasaa rral front-offiie title..he'ss been named the o's vice -3 president of baseball operations..he had beennaating g-m, mostly helpinggplayers witt conditioning and rehab... rehab... 3 nno eed for eithee of those phings at first base, where phrissdavis is n excerllent health thissssrinn..after floatiig betweee tthee positiins, davii will concentrate on first this year, replaciig mark reenoods, who went to cleveland..davis effact on his pproach tothis spring... 33 3 the terps took on
10:54 pm
3 bbstoncollege tonight.. -33 highlights and our prep playyr of the weekcooing up at 11:30 as sports unlimited continues. 3- ushered in whole new era n smarttphone technology. now doowloadable pps are trying to get ii on theeconversation. patrice sanders... explains... / consumerrreports... just... took a look... tt see.... how some... of thee leading apps... stack up. up. 3 ((pat on cam))tyler carfi loves's much- acclaimed vvicc-recognition feature.(sot: tyllr carfi)"" & can just ask ssri where's the nearest coffee shop. it'' peally conveniint."(v/o))- consumee reports says two top examppes of voice-recognition apps are robin and speak-to-it. you aa download them onto ourrphonn for frre. & ((ot)"speak-to-it ii available on several platforms, 3 robin is exclusivvlyyfor the android platform."(v/o)both
10:55 pm
appp do weel with some requests.(sot: mike gikas) 3 "absoluteeyy lookiig or 3 gikaa)"show me pictures of the eiifel towerr"(sot: speak--o-itt"i found a ffww pictures oo eiffel towerrfor with other questiins.(sot: pike gikas)"how much is hree plus six?"(sot: robin)"let's ask gooole for ow muchhis three plus six""sot: mikk 3& pnn burr ttnthoff at six -3 o''lockk"(sot: speak-to-it)"i don't think i'mmqualified to answer that yet."(v/oosiri... & problem with similar requests. (sot: siri)"i scheduled your & event withhpaul reynolds for 4430 pm tomorrow."((/ooand & siri can aad! ottom linne siri remmiis theevooce recognition tand-out.(soo: miie gikks)"siri is harrwired intoo our iphone and has access to much morr of your personal nformmtion. and thaa's an edge that none of the other aaps can rrally competeewith..(vvo)tyler 3 "wherr's the nearest coofee shop?"(sot: siri)"i have found 14 offee shopp. five of them
10:56 pm
are aarly close to you."((pat pn am))if youudon't havv n iphhne with ssrri.. consumer reports says ddwnloading a &pfree app gives you at least some voice-rrcognitiin pcpability. speaa-to-it seems and androids.patrice sanders, & fox45 news at ten. 3 puttiig bacon in the a baltimore specialites ent nationall tonight. 3 ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... editioo... a high end robbery in thieves got away with 50 mmllion dollars in diaaonds. 3 and it's twins times two" 3 pome extremeey long odds whhn she gaveebirth to four boys
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
33 contest continues.we give away -3 anooher 110 dollarss.. ttmorrow on foxx5 morning
10:59 pm
,3 it's big night for 3 p altimore restaurant and one of its specialitees specialites."bacon on stick" - is gettinn nationaa attention. & the eople at dempsey'' brrw and pub attcamden yards weree watch ne of theirrfavooite menu items ppaa a starrinn role in tonight's eeiiode of "the united states of bacon" on discovery's destination

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